Nepalese Government Won’t Do Anything For The People’s

The government is spending Rs 10 billion on five building projects that cannot treat the people affected by the Corona epidemic. What is the use of these houses without the people?

Even if the government is accountable to the people, they work where the commission comes from easily. After all, out of the Rs 10 billion project, Rs 5 billion is corrupted in collusion with the contractor.

If you look at the personal development of people who have been the Minister of Urban Development in the past, everything seems clear. Some of them are MPs who won from Madhes, who had a thatched house in Madhes, now a palace has been built up to Kathmandu.

A referendum party is needed to root out such activities.

Jai Madhesh

Jai Swaraj

Jai Janmat

Kathmandu Near Making 5VIP Building

Get Swaraj, Get Respect To Madheshi People’s

… Or else eat poles and go digging mountains
(Forgetting their hungry, bare, dying children too)
Not right in the time of Sushmaji, now perhaps the Madheshi parliamentary power of Nepal would have known its status. Now they have two options – Madhesh’s hunger, dryness, gross imperfection, 25 years of hulkii road, pathetic health condition, and, say, forgetting the danger of survival of all Madheshis, according to Modi’s suggestion, Madheshi leader of parliamentary parties Pahar Go digging, or to protect the existence of Madheshis, Madhesh should come down and bring Swaraj. Why?

If there was Swaraj in Madhesh, would our Madheshi leaders call the Prime Minister of the neighboring country like sheep and goats and show them poles? (It is not aimed at anyone else, but it is an insult to all of us) And it happens because they know that there is nothing in Madheshi’s control yet, Madhesh is free. India needs water, it will meet the ruler of Nepal; Should electricity, they will sign with the ruler of Nepal; Wood, Giti, sand should be obtained only under the patronage of Nepali ruler; Many agreements have to be done with Nepal, it will be achieved only by praising the Nepalese / hills; Dozens of dams have to be built by submerging Madhesh in the border area, only Nepali rulers can allow it, so who will ask Madheshi? Friendship is with equal people, if you want status from the Prime Minister of a country, then first build your position. If you want relation and respect with India, first bring Swaraj to Madhesh. Then Negotiation will be held face to face at the table!
Get Swaraj, get respect.

Adibasi Tribe Opinion Association
Committee saptari subhead

Madheshi People’s Still Not A Nepalese People’s With Out Take Away Freedom

Madheshi People’s @peenkoo

….. take away freedom,
What we cannot take away from us is our dream,
Our dream that no one can take away from us,
Dream of an independent nation,
Dream of swaraj,
A free country where there is no big or small
A nation whose fulfillment…
This dream is not just our dream alone, but the dream of every person born in this soil….

No More Corruption With Janmat Party

Today, big engineers, doctors, lawyers, businessmen, government employees, legalists, officials, intellectuals and intellectuals, knowing everything, do the slavery of an illiterate #accessible #corrupted #vadayadhyak / president. They understand the good fortune in doing it, they are engaged in the #plancer throughout the day, why?

Who had nothing, today, by corruption, built a palace from village to city, from city to capital.

The time is coming to replace such a corrupt leader and party. Local elections will be held after a few months. Start organization now and take leadership. Except everything, show the difference between Jungle Raj and Janataraja to the public.

Such corrupt leaders have to send everyone to the Gulf country to work, so that they know, what is it like to work in 50/52 degree Celcius, what is it like to be a 7/10 man in 1 room of a labor camp, in the summer months What is it like to go to the 2-hour site every day without an AC bus and come back for 2 hours ……

The referendum party is now with you to change Madhes’s entire system.

Development of all with public opinion.
Will eradicate corruption, bring Swaraj.

Jai Madhesh, Jai Swaraj, Jai Public Opinion.
Pinku Circle
Adibasi Tribe Opinion Association
Saptari subhead, public opinion party

2 Example With Public

True Person Always Be Winner Of The World

Unity is strength.
As the organization grows and becomes huge, some of the following situations also come, which we must solve together and move forward. The people who are presently, should accept all of us, recognize the value recognition of the organization ahead, and pledge to work further in the interest of the organization and society, then we should give everyone an opportunity to improve.
………………………………………………. .
From Doctor CK Raut Ji ………

Find 1 man, but make sure that you do not remove any of his evils.

After searching in the whole world, give us only 1 man, but guarantee that no man of his will remove evils. So we will all give party membership only to that man. Can Garanti?

👉 “I will not be him, I will be if he is not” – if you keep thinking like this, what can happen in this party, in any organization of the world, in any office, in any company or in any social group. Write it down.

Do you say in your office that I will not stay if it stays? Do you speak in your campus or class that if it stays, I will not stay? That kind of thinking will not let you last for a second! There is no one who can take it further. Organization is to accept each other’s coexistence and move forward collectively and achieve the goal.

“He’s bad! He’s like that! He’s like that!” By saying that by showing personal and personal evils of others, you cannot ask for someone to be fired, as long as one is legally, legally, procedurally qualified. If you remove someone’s evils, then other people will remove your evils as well. If you will give one note in writing about someone, then people will give four by writing about you too! After all, who does not have any shortcomings in the world?

If you get the app, it is okay, if you do not get it, you will get it. If your man stays, then the other man arrives, unconcerned. We will remain empty in the organization, and no other man should come! Will keep the organization black, will not let anyone come. It is for the benefit of all to strengthen the organization except such thinking.

As of now, there is such a system that every MP who wins from the party, from every WADA Speaker to the Minister has to accept the order of the party, working only under the discipline and direction of the party. No one can go against the direction of the party. If left, his post of mayor or mayor also goes away! That is why we do not need to worry that tomorrow a leader or a winning person will not listen to the party. Because according to this, whatever the party ultimately wants, it will be the same.

This time public opinion party government.
Jai Madhesh, Jai Swaraj, Jai Public Opinion.

Unlimited Corruption in Nepal

Madhesh’s people have now caught up with all the old party and leaders. People are tired of listening to their speech.

* In the local fold or area where the Congress has won, the NCP and the Jaspas abuses that they did nothing. The Congressman speaks, I have no federal government, no state government.

* Where the CPI-M wins, those people abuse the state government.

* Where the JSP people live, those people abuse the NCP.

Overall, this three party wants to make themselves bigger by abusing each other.

The thing about Tajub is that it is all in power, eating allowance. Everybody has a budget of crores / billions and is eating with fun.

Has the public voted for only the leaders who have expired on this date?

Listen to their speech, what these people used to say 20 years ago, they speak the same today, they chant the same slogan. But look at his personal life, who used to ride bicycles, he has a luxurious bungalow in every city, 2/4 cars, bank balance of crores. Did the public vote for his personal development?

Now the time has come to clean such wastes and bring development and prosperity to Madhesh. Now Madhesh and Madheshi will be honored with Dr CK Raut and the Janmat Party.

Janmat Party Flag & Board

his time public opinion party government.
Jai Madhesh, Jai Swaraj, Jai Public Opinion.


Madhesh’s state-assembly Declaration of Independence is daring to table, it is valid under Article 14 of the Constitution of Nepal. Because in the federal parliament under section 103 and under the prerogative of section 14, the councilor is completely free to put forth any idea **, no action can be taken in any court for that.

Therefore, the members of the Pradesh Sabha are requested to show courage to table the Declaration of Independence for Madhesh’s independence, just as Scotland did.

See also this post: –

Why is the Madhya Pradesh-Madhya Pradesh assembly important?
▶ Because the official declaration of independence can be made by this state assembly and state government. For the freedom, which was a matter of need of its government and parliament, this is the only meeting that the state assembly and state government can fulfill.

See some example of declaration of independence. Probably the most famous of them is from the USA, which was passed on July 6, 14.

Bangladesh’s Declaration of Independence was read by rebel leader Sheikh Mujib-ur-Haman on 24 March 1971 while speaking through Bangla Radio.

Recently, in 10 October 2014, Catalonia province got a declaration of independence in its regional assembly (Parliament) and got it voted on 26 October. Out of 135 MLAs of the State Assembly, 40 approved it (10 voted against, 2 were absent and 53 members left the House after the motion was moved). In detail:

The state assembly of Madhesh should also prepare and propose its declaration of independence. However, if there is a conspiracy to forcibly impose presidential or military rule by dismissing the elected MLAs, or there is a conspiracy to dismiss the federalism, the action should be taken forward immediately by the MLA by proposing this declaration of independence. After passing the resolution, the door opens for Madhesh country to get international recognition formally.

Pic: Presentation of the declaration of independence in the Parliament (State Assembly) of Catalonia, 10 October 2014. Now it’s Madhesh’s turn!
Copid by dr. Ck raut

Madhesh Country How Can We Make??

How will the ‘Madhesh government’ be formed again and again by some friends? What is the trend internationally? What is international recognition? Were asking questions. It has been posted for them.

(Madhesh here means 20 districts according to the old map, which has been made according to the treaties of 1816 and 1860.)

In the present situation, ‘Madhesh Government’ can be formed in 4 ways.

  1. Through a referendum – a referendum can be held if the government wants or the people want in millions. With a 51% referendum, a ‘Madhesh government’ can be formed.
  2. Local People’s Representative – The ‘Madhesh Government’ can be formed by the majority decision of the local people’s representative member of the 20th district of Madhesh.
  3. Pradesh Sabha MP (MLA) – The ‘Madhesh Government’ can be formed by the majority decision of the Pradesh Sabha MP (MLA) member of the 20th district of Madhesh.
    • Federal Assembly MPs – A ‘Madhesh Government’ can be formed by a majority decision of the Federal Assembly MPs of the 20th district of Madhesh. In all, in any election in which the entire Madhesh has been represented, a ‘Madhesh Government’ can be formed by the decision of the elected majority representative or the majority of the referendum. Such a government is recognized internationally.
Map Of Madhesh

Government Issue

Development understood by the so-called development leaders of Madhesh

  1. Road construction – money was spent but next year it was flooded.
  2. Drainage construction – that is broken or filled with garbage.
  3. Construction of school building – The house is big, but there are no teachers, no education.
  4. Hospital construction – the building is big, Leader are cut the ribbon, but no doctor, no biomedical equipment.
  5. Entrance construction – why not!
  6. Office building construction – just for your own convenience!
  7. Gas Stove Distribution – Why Not Alternative Solar Power Equipment?
  8. Buy a vehicle – just for your own convenience!
  9. Agricultural Loans – To keep farmers in debt forever without developing sustainable technology.
  10. Foreign Employment Loans – Sending workers abroad and always carrying the burden of debt.
  11. Poverty Alleviation Program – To keep the people poor by giving empty loans. The only option for the sustainable and complete development of Madhesh is now the Janmat Party. This time the government of Janmat Party.
    Jai Madhesh, Jai Swaraj, Jai Janmat. Janmat Party – Zinda Vad.
    Loudspeaker Horn Impression – Alive.

Latest News Of Madhesh

September 22, 2077
Dr. C.K. The Raut-led Janmat Party has been increasing public opinion in the district. Lately, the public opinion cadres who have entered the villages have been holding various meetings and forming various committees.

Leaders said that the party has entered the village with many issues to win over the people who are disappointed with the current change and high expectations of the people. Even in local governments, the issue of growing corruption is becoming a weapon to increase public opinion. Central member Om Prakash Sah said that the people are facing atrocities, rape, harassment and grief even in a democracy.

Dr. Raut, the founder of the Janmat Party, had started a different kind of politics by demanding a separate country for the 22 districts of the Terai from Jhapa in the east to Kanchanpur in the west. But lately, correcting their demands, they have made the entire Madhesh an autonomous state. Sah said that the majority of the poor, deprived, backward communities and Madhesis have chosen the legal path to get equal rights in the state by participating in the election and establishing their demands.
In the current politics, we have made the growing betrayal, abuse of power and anti-corruption public opinion a political issue. He said that the growing political anarchy was becoming the main issue for the people.
The national and regional parties and the three have not been able to appreciate the public opinion. He has misled the people and got the post and is working only for himself and himself. By spreading false assurances, we have taken to the villages the issues of self-inflicted suffering of the people. Pramananda Gupta, senior advisor of Janmat Party Bara, said that the cadres are being mobilized with training, corner meetings, gatherings and various social activities.

Lately, politics has become a means of deception for leaders and ingenuity. There is a stark difference between the promises made to the people during the election by the parties in power and their current behavior. Due to which the people of Terai Madhes are in search of alternative power. Gupta said that they are trying to raise the Janmat Party as an alternative force sought by the people. The organization of public opinion is developing all over the country.

Politics is becoming corrupt. As long as politics cannot move in the right direction, the country will not be able to experience change, so the Janmat Party wants to move politics forward in the right way first. He said that the organization is being expanded in the villages with a plan to bring transparency, accountability, rights and development together.
Stating that the struggle and sacrifice of millions of people is being carried out only for a few leaders and activists, we are convincing the people for a system including Jan Lokpal, Gupta said.

The Janmat Party, which was registered with the Election Commission on June 20, 2009, has more than one million cadres from home and abroad. In Bara district alone, there are 25,000 organizations and millions of supporters in a year, said Central Member Sah. Participation in the party is increasing enthusiastically. He said that the referendum party was present in all the municipalities of the district except Nijgadh.

He said that there is a plan to form committees and convene in all 176 wards of all the municipalities by March 31. Leader Sah said that programs are underway to make 100,000 organized members in the district by March.

Flag Of Madhesh
Agenda Of Janamat Party
Dr.Chandra Kant Raut

About Of Madhesh

A strong “Madheshi unity” is the only liberation path for a small number of Madheshis. Whether someone believes or not, the main problem of Madheshis is not to get caught on governance itself. And until the Madheshis are not caught on the rule, the black clouds will continue to hover over Madheshi existence. The general principles of political science also tell the same, governance belongs to those who hold “army and constitution”. Who does not know how much the Madheshis hold in Nepal is on army and constitution. In both the Rana and Panchayat periods, Nepalese rule itself was a problem. The temporary protection of the Madheshis who were in the treaty of 1817 and 180 between Rana and the British, the survival of the Madheshis continued until the 1950s. After 1951, until the year 1980, Madhesh’s existence could be protected due to the ongoing ‘Antarandand’ between the ‘Loktantra and Panchayat Tantra’ i.e. the ruling class. There is no theoretical fight left in Nepali politics now. Now no one has to fight against any Rana-Tantra that is standing on the family suit, any system running on dynasty. In the name of democracy, republic, federal system, there is now a single caste “Khas-Tantra” left in Nepal. The next fight of the system will be only for political power, which is happening in the name of Congress-communist and will continue to happen. “A joint initiative for the protection of, expansion and development of the single dynasty Nepali kingdoms for power” is the main goal and governmental path of the Congress-Communist is sure to remain in the days to come. So now days are going to be more difficult for Madheshis. B.C. After the year Pushya 1 Gatte (1960), when King Mahendra came to Nepal’s rule, Madheshi existence started to hit hard. The process of assimilation was initiated by Raja Mahendra by a “one country, one language and one dress” policy. Except Khash language, culture and Laveda Shirwal, all cultures were tightened. There was a sharp attack on Madheshi language, dress and culture. Calling the names Dhoti, Bhaiya, Marsya, Bhele, Kabadi, Indian, Bihari, Deshi etc, Kathmandu Lagayat continued to humiliate and discourage Madheshi faces in all the cities of Northern Nepal. Steps such as the construction of the East-West Mahendra Highway under the Mahabharata (Chure) mountain, the elimination of the Aulo (Malaria), the development in the Tharu-Nepali interconnection, the “Colonization” ie the far-reaching strategy of bringing people from the mountains and the Himalayas on a sweet land. The Tatkalin was taken over by the Panchayat government. The main objective of that strategy was to bring people down from the hills and Himal, to settle down in Madhesh, and to control Madhesh and Madheshis by making them strong in economics and politics. Under the same strategy, Sukambasi Commission, Basti Development Plan was brought and land and wood were made available to the immigrant people. Today the same immigrant people occupy the Chure Mountains and all the surrounding natural resources. Natural resources such as sand, ballast, ballast, wood (sal) are the life of these settlements. The east-west highway is the life line for the entire hill and the Himalayas. On the basis of these resources, the migrant people are ruling Madhesh, capturing Madhesh’s undisputedness, farming and politics. Many great Mahendra-Paths have succeeded in their cause. Madhushi tribals like Tharu, Rajbanshi, Tajpuriya, Satar are becoming landless in the northern parts of Madhesh. Our tribals have almost lost their grip on natural resources and politics. Thousands of bighas remained the owners of the land, Madheshi Adibasi is today the owner of a few pieces. Jadha, Morang, Chitwan, Bara, Nawalparasi, Rupandehi, Dong, Banke, Bardiya, Kailali and Madheshi in most parts of Kanchanpur today do nothing. Prior to 1950, about 98% of the Madheshis used to be inhabited by the Chure Mountains down to the south Indian border. Before that, in 1814 and 180, the land obtained under the British-Nepal treaty was distributed among the Rannakalin Nepalese Army Bhardars and employees, and the Madhesi who came with the Sandhi started a series of injustice and oppression by the Nepalese regime. Till 1951, the total number of northern people sitting on these lands obtained by the Nepali government was limited to only 5-7%. But after the year 1980, a lot of land was given to the hill immigrant people through a birta on Madheshi land. Thousands of hectares were given to people from Sukambasi, political victims as well as people from Pahad, Assam, Bhutan, Burma etc. After that, only 30–35% of the land remained with the Madheshis. The land kept shrinking, Madheshi population kept increasing. Before the immigration, the population of the Madheshis was Madheshi Bhumipar, but due to immigration, in the total population of Nepal, 6.7% Madheshi Adibasi (Tharu, Rajbanshi, Satar etc.), 4.1% Madheshi Muslims, 7.5% Madheshi Dalits (Bibhin), including 6% Yadav (Bibhin), 1.4% Teli, 1.2% Koeri, other 11.16%, now the population of the total Madheshis has remained confined to 37.04%. Madhesi unity remains fragmented and weak due to crooked Nepali politics, lack of influence in Madheshi consciousness, wealth of Sambrant Kulin Madheshi and getting caught in the posture fascination. Madheshi Adibasi like Tharu, Rajvanshi, Tajpuria, Satar have left themselves to be considered Madheshi. After 2008, Madheshi, from Terai Congress to 042. See the dozens of separate movements on the land, due to the weak Madheshi unity, all the movement of rights has ended on unsuccessful agreement. The Madheshi Bhumipar from Mechi to Kali is still present. But “divide and rule” due to government policy and corrupt Madheshi leadership, Madheshi unity, struggle and success have always proved to be weak. There has been an extreme lack of political consciousness among the common Madheshi people. Madheshi has always been concerned about the power and the chair of the well-wishers. In order to get votes, our leaders have been using sentimental weapons like confusion, deceit, prapancha and caste-religion among the general public. For the chair, sometimes the parties have spent 60 years without any achievements while doing drama, sometimes fronting, sometimes caste equations and sometimes performing drama of government equations. This weak unity and pedestal fascination among Madheshis have always been successful in making Government Mansuve. Madheshi, which was once a majority in Madhesh from Mechi to Kali, has now been consolidated in 4 districts from Saptari to Persa. If the same situation continues for a few more decades of the future, then people of every caste, religion, community of Madhesh are sure to pay a heavy price. Madheshi civilization, culture and existence are certain. Darkness is sure to come in the future of Madheshi saints. Only one formula of Ujala is left. Madheshi can protect the identity, existence, civilization and future now. Only “strong unity” among all the Madheshis of Madheshi Adibasi, Tribal, Muslim, Dalit Lagayat can get out of this huge crisis. Madheshi can protect heats and future. This last path of strong alliances can become a protective shield against all kinds of exploitation, oppression, harassment, injustice, tyranny and regime inferiority to common Madheshis. Public Opinion Party Peen Koo Mandal..
Jai Madhesh
Jai Swaraj

Public Opinion Party
Madheshi People’s
Muslim People’s

Police Head Quarter Of Bara Please Take A Action Imedetily..

Binod Kumar Yadav, the convener of #Janmat_Party_Bara, has repeatedly demanded information, but the Suvarna village municipality did not provide the information. Have done
#Janmat_Party strongly condemns this heinous criminal activity of the Mayor of Suvarna Gaonpalika, his son and the officer.
# Referendum_party_bara


Congrats Both of you

The first ward convention of Janmat Party in #Dhanusha_Bideh_Municipality Ward No-5 concluded with grandeur.

#Ramkumar_Mandal ji has been unanimously elected as the ward chairman.
Many thanks to all the esteemed people present, Swarajis, office bearers, friends.

Jay Swaraj

Jay Madhesh

Jay Janmat
Long live the referendum party
Loudspeaker imprint Zindabad

Congrats To all

Saptari, First Ward Convention
A convention of Janmat Party has been held in Dakneshwari Municipality Ward No. 1 of Saptari today. An 11-member ward committee has been selected under the chairmanship of Ranjit Sant Ji. Congratulations to all the office bearers and members and best wishes for a successful tenure.

Jay Madhesh
Jai Janamat

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