Future Of Politician in Nepal

What has happened here has come from the politics of #wathar, #parti and #muthardar. Will be the same in future… Gandhi Did Gandhi work without a party? Gandhiji himself was the President of the Indian National Congress. ⚑ Was referendum possible in #Scutland, #Catellonia without a party? ⚑ Did Gandhiji achieve his goal without #Continue reading “Future Of Politician in Nepal”

End Racism & End Nepalis Colonisation

What is # apartheid? In Nepal, the prevalence of apartheid, political discrimination, social discrimination, casteism, language discrimination, education, employment, discrimination, discrimination against the Madheshi, Pahari tribes, tribal and Lopunmukh castes should be the end of equality and egalitarian society. # Meaning, policy and consequences of apartheid The word “apartheid” or “Apartheid” is made up ofContinue reading “End Racism & End Nepalis Colonisation”

Madhesh’s Future Is Bright Because Young People are talking interest in Public opinion party

Madhesh’s future is bright because young people are taking interest in #public opinion party. The youth of this party have a forward thinking about politics. # Participation of youth in public opinion is very important, because it is the youth who represent the future of the country and its strength. One of the biggest strengthsContinue reading “Madhesh’s Future Is Bright Because Young People are talking interest in Public opinion party”

Still hv a alots of Problem’s with Madhesis People’s in Nepal

Personally, I would pray that Mr. Upendra Yadav becomes the Prime Minister of Nepal. Because the breakdown of that illusion is also very important. Which self-respect did Madheshi get by becoming Vice President, the highest civilian President of Nepal? Saying Damradhan, making a picture of a beggar, not giving a chair to sit in theContinue reading “Still hv a alots of Problem’s with Madhesis People’s in Nepal”

Education Nothing For Nepalies Political Party in Nepal

About Of Reading Many educated people with PhD or postdoctoral studies in scientific and technical subjects have no job here in Nepal. It is seen that the Prime Minister and the ministers have read and said that they will not do anything. In the current government, even those who have not received higher education inContinue reading “Education Nothing For Nepalies Political Party in Nepal”

Some friends and the ruling class have repeatedly asked the definite part of #Madesh, where are the questions asked? # How much district is there in Madhesh ?? It was also asked ??? This has been posted for them.Here is the epigraph about the certain part of Madhesh and the definite district.Please Visit carefully.Madhesh from Mechi River in East to Mahakali Sarada River in WestSpread to To the north of them is the Shivalik Churia Mountains. The flat area under Churia mountain is Madhesh.#CkRaut#Madesh

4 Madhesis Released from Malaysian Jail

4 Madhesis released from Malaysian jail with the help of non-resident_Madheshi_Union ………………………………………….. ………………Nageshwar Raut (Birgunj-1, Parsa) and Khairuddin Mian Ansari (Birganj-19, Parsa), who have been living in Malaysian jails for four months due to various reasons, have been released from jail and sent to Nepal on the initiative of Non-Resident Madhesi Association, Malaysia. Both ofContinue reading “4 Madhesis Released from Malaysian Jail”

Madhesh has become a member Nation of UNPO

Madhesh’s historic unprecedented achievement: Madhesh has become a member nation of UNPO. With this, the Madhesh Swaraj movement has now become an international movement. The UNPO is an international organization of independent nations. It has 4 member nations like Taiwan, Tibet, Balochistan, Somaliland, Iranian Kurdistan. Its member nations Armenia, Estonia, Georgia, Tatbhaya, Palau, Timor-Liste haveContinue reading “Madhesh has become a member Nation of UNPO”

Janmat Party Needs a Majority Of All Madheshis

Before the false accusations were leveled against the Janmat Party, why did the Janmat Party come into being?Please study first_And think positive The Janmat Party needs a majority of all Madhesis,Public vote needed__Therefore, the Janmat Party is moving forward step by step with the respect of the rights of every Madhesi, every religion, caste andContinue reading “Janmat Party Needs a Majority Of All Madheshis”

Government Of Nepal Empty Movement in Madhesh.

“As of September of this fiscal year, a total of Rs. 85.40 billion has been received from various bilateral and multilateral countries.” Answer: zero Reason: The elected representatives from Madhes are the slaves of the Malik Party. They pretend to be an empty movement in Madhesh, collect votes and fall at the feet of theContinue reading “Government Of Nepal Empty Movement in Madhesh.”

Corrupated Government in Nepal

The people’s representative is the representative accountable to the people. After winning the people’s vote, the responsibility of the people is to be taken. But listen to the speeches of the present people’s representatives, look at their attitudes, eat the entire budget under their control and blame the next level of government.The constitution is rightContinue reading “Corrupated Government in Nepal”

Madhesh V/s World Freedom Country

“… Being free and becoming a country is not an [old,] rare and impossible task — it is only to discourage those ruled by the ruling class. Even after 190, more than 30 new countries have been formed. Even after 2000, East Timor, Montenegro, Serbia, Kosobho and South Sudan remain, and in the near futureContinue reading “Madhesh V/s World Freedom Country”

About of Madhesh in Nepal

Some friends have repeatedly said, “Where is the history of Madhesh ??” Where was madesh country ?? Were asking questions. This has been posted for them.History of Madhes is mentioned herePlease See carefully.(1) Sufficient and definite enough words(2) geographical boundary(3) a special history(4) Identification(5) Lifestyle(6) Culture(7) Language(8) dress(9) Bidding behavior(10) Food and Beverages(11) Anaco religion,Continue reading “About of Madhesh in Nepal”

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