Future Of Politician in Nepal

What has happened here has come from the politics of #wathar, #parti and #muthardar. Will be the same in future…

Gandhi Did Gandhi work without a party? Gandhiji himself was the President of the Indian National Congress.

⚑ Was referendum possible in #Scutland, #Catellonia without a party?

⚑ Did Gandhiji achieve his goal without # talks? Even for small matters, writing and talking to the British rulers every day was Gandhi’s routine. Not only this, Gandhi himself served as a sergeant major on behalf of the British in the Boer War (1899–1902) and the Julu War (1906). In the First World War, Gandhi himself set up a medical aid unit on behalf of the British.

⚑ Even after the Maoist people’s war in Nepal, which killed 17000 thousand, finally # talks took place, # By becoming a party, #Madhar’s politics was achieved # Institutional # In the Sudan, even after a 22-year long violent war, which offered 25 lakh sacrifices for independence, the solution was finally resolved by # talks.

When Gajendra Narayan Singh announced the formation of the Nepal Sadbhavana Party, the Sadbhavna Parishad established in 2061 year, many people protested. Where are those protesters today and what was their contribution? Where did he lose his voice? Gajendra Babu proved that by creating a party, parliamentary politics is possible for Madheshis in Nepal, and he continued to raise the issues of Madhesh even while going alone in Parliament. As a result, Madhesh’s issue continued to spread, dozens of leaders and organizations were formed.

In the same way, after the Madhesh movement in 2043 years, Mr. Upendra Yadav also formed a #party by negotiating, and whatever the Madheshis have achieved today, whether Madheshi has become institutionalized in the constitution, right from becoming president to federalism. He has a big contribution. Even then, some people were dissatisfied with the talks and forming a party. Upendraji formed a party and came to #Madhar, so even if 100% was not very right but very institutionalized, but those who were opposed to talks and forming a party, where are those people, where did they lose their voice, what was their contribution? The Those who are going to protest against the path of talks, becoming a party, coming to the base, they are sure to have the same condition.

⚑ So please do not get confused. Whatever will happen, it will be only through # dialogue, # By creating a party # Everything can also be achieved by the politics of the base. Catalonia, Scotland example is in front. What the public wants, it can and will achieve itself through # election.

⚑ And who is engaged in the historical talks between Madhesh Independent Alliance and Government of Nepal? Those who have been taking advantage only by showing the Madhesh independent alliance.

2-4 Who is opposing, who is he? Who were doing it earlier also. These are the same people. Who never wanted to hear the name of Sikay Raut, who has already been running anti-Sikay gang, who used to say abusive, who used to say Sikke Rautalai Jail Halnuparchh day and night, who would stay for a day even for road or coalition. But those who did not land for a single day did not get ready to sit in jail for Raut or alliance! Those people are very concerned today! Why?

Because his business is about to collapse, his address is now going to be clear. Now as soon as Swaraji’s mother-in-law entered politics and formed a party, Madhesh will now have only one power bank – Swaraji. That’s why those people are chilly. With the success of the Swarajis, they are burning, those people are spluttering, have become dizzy, how many have got epilepsy, then some of the memory has got lost Look forward to what happens.

The independent Madhesh alliance has achieved the greatest success in the history of Madhesh through its peaceful path, selfless dedication of the Swarajis. It will be seen in the days ahead, the days ahead to evaluate are there, why so soon? Swaraji has now left on the Vijay Yatra.

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Hey, I 'm Pinku Mandal Owner & founder Of Suv_Lakshmi Agriculture Farming Unit Pvt Ltd (Https://.Janamatparty.org. org), I 'm A Professional Working In Janamat Party Sector And Majorly Looking After Its Operations, I live in Kanchanrup Municipality-3 Barmajhiya Saptary,Nepal I Have Come With My Blog To Share Simple & Yet In Trend Styling Ideas for simple and Politics Crime And Also Share Some Detail Of Janamat Party And Madheshi Culture too! I Strongly Feel Styling Should Not Be Restricted For Specific Body Types And This Is The Reason Of Me Coming Up With My Blog. Here, I Will Talk About Our Culture ,About Our Madhesh, About Janamat Party, About Of Crime With Madheshi People's In Nepal,About Of Poor Madheshi People, About Our Language, And About Madhesh i's Life, About Madheshi's Work, And Care The Madheshi People's and Many More Exciting Topics View all Posts By Peen Koo Mandal

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