Still hv a alots of Problem’s with Madhesis People’s in Nepal

Personally, I would pray that Mr. Upendra Yadav becomes the Prime Minister of Nepal. Because the breakdown of that illusion is also very important.

Which self-respect did Madheshi get by becoming Vice President, the highest civilian President of Nepal? Saying Damradhan, making a picture of a beggar, not giving a chair to sit in the program, abusing him in the middle of the street, abusing him, what honor could you get?

What did the Madheshis do as the Deputy Prime Minister of Nepal? Only Hajur kept his dry and frosted as well! (If you have done any work other than that by becoming Deputy Prime Minister, then also tell us)

What did the Madheshis do after becoming the Home Minister of Nepal? Whatever APF was put up in Madhesh, in the name of the grand security project, it was put in the time of Madheshi Home Minister.

What did the Madheshis do as Nepal’s defense minister? Abused the army. The army said that they would not give salute to the defense minister.

How many media houses opened in Madhesh by becoming the communications minister of Nepal repeatedly?

Which urea fertilizer was supplied to Madheshi farmer after Nepal’s supply minister became Madheshi again and again throughout his life?

The status of these Madheshi ministers is that they make a splash with the secretary and the gatekeeper even to make the attendance, call their driver as Hajur Hazur, and as they hear the announcement of changing the government on the radio while driving the car, These Madheshi take the ministers off the cart in the middle of the way … and the minister reaches his house crying mournfully …

So let us become the Prime Minister. The itching of the chair will at least disappear. And the confusion of Madheshis will be broken.

Picture: Annapurnous Times

Published by Peen Koo

Hey, I 'm Pinku Mandal Owner & founder Of Suv_Lakshmi Agriculture Farming Unit Pvt Ltd (Https:// org), I 'm A Professional Working In Janamat Party Sector And Majorly Looking After Its Operations, I live in Kanchanrup Municipality-3 Barmajhiya Saptary,Nepal I Have Come With My Blog To Share Simple & Yet In Trend Styling Ideas for simple and Politics Crime And Also Share Some Detail Of Janamat Party And Madheshi Culture too! I Strongly Feel Styling Should Not Be Restricted For Specific Body Types And This Is The Reason Of Me Coming Up With My Blog. Here, I Will Talk About Our Culture ,About Our Madhesh, About Janamat Party, About Of Crime With Madheshi People's In Nepal,About Of Poor Madheshi People, About Our Language, And About Madhesh i's Life, About Madheshi's Work, And Care The Madheshi People's and Many More Exciting Topics View all Posts By Peen Koo Mandal

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