4 Madhesis Released from Malaysian Jail

4 Madhesis released from Malaysian jail with the help of non-resident_Madheshi_Union

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Nageshwar Raut (Birgunj-1, Parsa) and Khairuddin Mian Ansari (Birganj-19, Parsa), who have been living in Malaysian jails for four months due to various reasons, have been released from jail and sent to Nepal on the initiative of Non-Resident Madhesi Association, Malaysia. Both of them were working in Lee Rubber Company of Malaysia.

# Non-Resident_Madheshi_Sangh, Malaysia received their detailed information through Anita Rauniyar, Nagma Khatun and Sofia Khatun of Janmat Party Parsa. Upon receiving the information, the team members went to the jail to meet the two and the process of release was started.

Meanwhile, information was also received about Mahesh Kumar Yadav of Sunsari and Pravesh Khang of Saptari in the same jail. And so the process for the release of the four was taken forward together.

After 37 days of continuous efforts, all four were released. For this, the Swarajis had coordinated with the local bodies, police, administration, courts, lawyers and the Nepali embassy.

After their release, Nageshwar Raut, Khairuddin Mian Ansari and Mahesh Kumar Yadav arrived in Nepal on November 18, 2020 from Himalayan Airlines and Pravesh Khang arrived in Nepal on November 21, 2020 from the same airline.

About Rs 500,000 (17,500 ringgit) has been spent on this work. All these expenses have been borne by the Non-Resident Madhesi Association, Nepali Embassy and local organizations.

#Non-Residential_Madheshi_Sangh Malaysia’s Swaraj Friends are continuously conducting support programs in Malaysia.

Many thanks to Arun Yadav, Vice President of Non-Resident Madhesi Association Malaysia and Swaraji friends of the team for their direct support for the release of these four from jail.

Jai Madhes, Jai Swaraj, Jai Janmat.
# Madhesh
# Learned_raut

Pinku Mandal

(Note: In the photo are Arun Yadav and Amod Yadav, who went to meet at the airport.)

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