Corrupated Government in Nepal

The people’s representative is the representative accountable to the people. After winning the people’s vote, the responsibility of the people is to be taken.

But listen to the speeches of the present people’s representatives, look at their attitudes, eat the entire budget under their control and blame the next level of government.
The constitution is right when eating and the constitution is wrong when speaking.
To incite the people in the name of constitution and build a palace in Kathmandu by spending budget.

On the other hand, look at today’s little kings and mayors. No matter who is the winning mayor from any party, no one has stopped him from developing, working in the interest of the people. But these heroic corruptors have been able to digest for generations. But the blame lies with the constitution, the state government and the federal government. Similarly, the state government and the federal government have also made malpani but blame the local government.

Now it’s time to get out of the roundabout. Now the Janmat Party has to take the responsibility of the entire people and establish a people’s king.

We will eradicate corruption, we will bring Swaraj.
Gundaraj will be removed, Jantaraj will be brought.

This time the government of Janmat Party.
Jai Madhesh, Jai Swaraj, Jai Janmat.

Published by Peen Koo

Hey, I 'm Pinku Mandal Owner & founder Of Suv_Lakshmi Agriculture Farming Unit Pvt Ltd (Https:// org), I 'm A Professional Working In Janamat Party Sector And Majorly Looking After Its Operations, I live in Kanchanrup Municipality-3 Barmajhiya Saptary,Nepal I Have Come With My Blog To Share Simple & Yet In Trend Styling Ideas for simple and Politics Crime And Also Share Some Detail Of Janamat Party And Madheshi Culture too! I Strongly Feel Styling Should Not Be Restricted For Specific Body Types And This Is The Reason Of Me Coming Up With My Blog. Here, I Will Talk About Our Culture ,About Our Madhesh, About Janamat Party, About Of Crime With Madheshi People's In Nepal,About Of Poor Madheshi People, About Our Language, And About Madhesh i's Life, About Madheshi's Work, And Care The Madheshi People's and Many More Exciting Topics View all Posts By Peen Koo Mandal

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