Nepalese Government Won’t Do Anything For The People’s

The government is spending Rs 10 billion on five building projects that cannot treat the people affected by the Corona epidemic. What is the use of these houses without the people?

Even if the government is accountable to the people, they work where the commission comes from easily. After all, out of the Rs 10 billion project, Rs 5 billion is corrupted in collusion with the contractor.

If you look at the personal development of people who have been the Minister of Urban Development in the past, everything seems clear. Some of them are MPs who won from Madhes, who had a thatched house in Madhes, now a palace has been built up to Kathmandu.

A referendum party is needed to root out such activities.

Jai Madhesh

Jai Swaraj

Jai Janmat

Kathmandu Near Making 5VIP Building

Published by Peen Koo

Hey, I 'm Pinku Mandal Owner & founder Of Suv_Lakshmi Agriculture Farming Unit Pvt Ltd (Https:// org), I 'm A Professional Working In Janamat Party Sector And Majorly Looking After Its Operations, I live in Kanchanrup Municipality-3 Barmajhiya Saptary,Nepal I Have Come With My Blog To Share Simple & Yet In Trend Styling Ideas for simple and Politics Crime And Also Share Some Detail Of Janamat Party And Madheshi Culture too! I Strongly Feel Styling Should Not Be Restricted For Specific Body Types And This Is The Reason Of Me Coming Up With My Blog. Here, I Will Talk About Our Culture ,About Our Madhesh, About Janamat Party, About Of Crime With Madheshi People's In Nepal,About Of Poor Madheshi People, About Our Language, And About Madhesh i's Life, About Madheshi's Work, And Care The Madheshi People's and Many More Exciting Topics View all Posts By Peen Koo Mandal

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