About of Madhesh in Nepal

Some friends have repeatedly said, “Where is the history of Madhesh ??” Where was madesh country ?? Were asking questions. This has been posted for them.
History of Madhes is mentioned here
Please See carefully.
(1) Sufficient and definite enough words
(2) geographical boundary
(3) a special history
(4) Identification
(5) Lifestyle
(6) Culture
(7) Language
(8) dress
(9) Bidding behavior
(10) Food and Beverages
(11) Anaco religion, caste and caste and habitant
(12) Tharu – a land son

Copied From Dr.Ck Raut

Madhesh Area Of Maps
History Of Madhesh
1771 Prithivi Narayan Shah Write Letter to Abhiman Singh Basnet

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