Future Of Politician in Nepal

What has happened here has come from the politics of #wathar, #parti and #muthardar. Will be the same in future…

Gandhi Did Gandhi work without a party? Gandhiji himself was the President of the Indian National Congress.

⚑ Was referendum possible in #Scutland, #Catellonia without a party?

⚑ Did Gandhiji achieve his goal without # talks? Even for small matters, writing and talking to the British rulers every day was Gandhi’s routine. Not only this, Gandhi himself served as a sergeant major on behalf of the British in the Boer War (1899–1902) and the Julu War (1906). In the First World War, Gandhi himself set up a medical aid unit on behalf of the British.

⚑ Even after the Maoist people’s war in Nepal, which killed 17000 thousand, finally # talks took place, # By becoming a party, #Madhar’s politics was achieved # Institutional # In the Sudan, even after a 22-year long violent war, which offered 25 lakh sacrifices for independence, the solution was finally resolved by # talks.

When Gajendra Narayan Singh announced the formation of the Nepal Sadbhavana Party, the Sadbhavna Parishad established in 2061 year, many people protested. Where are those protesters today and what was their contribution? Where did he lose his voice? Gajendra Babu proved that by creating a party, parliamentary politics is possible for Madheshis in Nepal, and he continued to raise the issues of Madhesh even while going alone in Parliament. As a result, Madhesh’s issue continued to spread, dozens of leaders and organizations were formed.

In the same way, after the Madhesh movement in 2043 years, Mr. Upendra Yadav also formed a #party by negotiating, and whatever the Madheshis have achieved today, whether Madheshi has become institutionalized in the constitution, right from becoming president to federalism. He has a big contribution. Even then, some people were dissatisfied with the talks and forming a party. Upendraji formed a party and came to #Madhar, so even if 100% was not very right but very institutionalized, but those who were opposed to talks and forming a party, where are those people, where did they lose their voice, what was their contribution? The Those who are going to protest against the path of talks, becoming a party, coming to the base, they are sure to have the same condition.

⚑ So please do not get confused. Whatever will happen, it will be only through # dialogue, # By creating a party # Everything can also be achieved by the politics of the base. Catalonia, Scotland example is in front. What the public wants, it can and will achieve itself through # election.

⚑ And who is engaged in the historical talks between Madhesh Independent Alliance and Government of Nepal? Those who have been taking advantage only by showing the Madhesh independent alliance.

2-4 Who is opposing, who is he? Who were doing it earlier also. These are the same people. Who never wanted to hear the name of Sikay Raut, who has already been running anti-Sikay gang, who used to say abusive, who used to say Sikke Rautalai Jail Halnuparchh day and night, who would stay for a day even for road or coalition. But those who did not land for a single day did not get ready to sit in jail for Raut or alliance! Those people are very concerned today! Why?

Because his business is about to collapse, his address is now going to be clear. Now as soon as Swaraji’s mother-in-law entered politics and formed a party, Madhesh will now have only one power bank – Swaraji. That’s why those people are chilly. With the success of the Swarajis, they are burning, those people are spluttering, have become dizzy, how many have got epilepsy, then some of the memory has got lost Look forward to what happens.

The independent Madhesh alliance has achieved the greatest success in the history of Madhesh through its peaceful path, selfless dedication of the Swarajis. It will be seen in the days ahead, the days ahead to evaluate are there, why so soon? Swaraji has now left on the Vijay Yatra.

End Racism & End Nepalis Colonisation

What is # apartheid?

In Nepal, the prevalence of apartheid, political discrimination, social discrimination, casteism, language discrimination, education, employment, discrimination, discrimination against the Madheshi, Pahari tribes, tribal and Lopunmukh castes should be the end of equality and egalitarian society.

# Meaning, policy and consequences of apartheid

The word “apartheid” or “Apartheid” is made up of the words ‘Apart’ and “Hood” in the English language. In practice, its simple meaning is considered ‘apartheid’. It is also called the policy of varna separation. The policy of species segregation began in the colonial period of South Africa and continued until the middle of the 20th century. After the general election in 1948, the government of the National Party of South Africa divided the residents living on the political, geographical, social, cultural, economic and nasal lines into white, black, mixed varnas and Indians etc. Launched the policy called ‘Apartheid’ policy. This system existed in South Africa from 1948 to 1994. It was later divided on policy grounds as Grand Apartheid and Petty Apartheid.
Apartheid policy
In the general elections of 1948, the National Party got a very simple majority. He formed a government in alliance with another political party. The National Party introduced the policy of apartheid as soon as it came to power and started to implement. A man named Werner Aaselin was appointed to design the system, which suggested the political division of South Africa for white superiority in the past. In this way, this policy became controversial in its early period itself. The greatest contribution to the development of apartheid policy is believed to be that of Hendrick French Varvoerd, who was then the supremely influential leader. The implementation of apartheid policy first features the case of Daniel François Malan who was a strong supporter of apartheid policy and became the first Prime Minister. It passed a law called the Group Areas Act in 1950, which later became the focal point of the apartheid system. This law racially defined each individual in South Africa. By this law, the inhabitants of Africa were divided geographically. A separate etiquette act was passed in 1953 under the apartheid policy, by which different practice areas were reserved for people of different castes. The law also categorized playgrounds, buses, hospitals, schools, universities, and even park benches and beaches. Notice of seating in public places on the basis of blister color, color and caste was issued. It became normal to have such notice boards. In order to prevent the migration of white people to the area, special identification cards were made necessary for people of blacks and other mortals. An Act was introduced in Parliament in 1951 to deprive people of mixed character. But after some people challenged it in the court and declared it illegal by the court, it was quickly changed by the Nationalist government in the member numbers of the judiciary and legislature. In this way, the Separate Representation of Voters Act was passed in 1956 as soon as the Nationalists had a majority in the High Court and Parliament, in which the mixed cast logo was also denied the general franchise.

In addition to the above laws, the then government enacted several laws in support of the apartheid policy, including the Mixed-Marriage Prohibition Act which prohibited marriages between people of different kinds of drugs, the Immortality Act-1950. ‘Population Registration Act-1950’, by which identity cards were issued on racial grounds, the Suppression of Communism Act-1950; The South African Communist Party was banned by or any other party that declared government inspired by Communist ideology could be banned, and
Bantu Education Act-1953, by which separate educational institutions were established for different Afrikan students, etc. were the laws which destroyed the political and geographical unity of the whole of South Africa. .

As a result of the policy of apartheid, 10 self-governed areas for blacks were established. It was so-called ‘Homelands’. In 1970, the Black Home Land Citizenship Act was enacted by which the citizenship of blacks was limited in the name of the Homeland Special Act. This law prohibited the act of blacks entering white territories. The worst form of this policy emerged when spouses of different species were separated from each other and children from parents. Efforts were made to divide the entire southern Africa into several states by stopping the process of urbanization in the area of ​​blacks.

Colonialism and apartheid policy in South Africa had a profound impact on women. Apartheid policy had major devastating consequences from the point of view of women. At this time, women were actually victims of double exploitation. The first was racial discrimination and second was gender discrimination. Under this policy, women did not have any kind of legal safeguards for education, nor did they have any rights over property. Employment opportunities were very low and if they worked in the agricultural sector, they would get very little wages. Minority groups other than women who came to work in the gold mines around Johannesburg were confused about their position because they did not represent any of the four classes classified under apartheid policy Were . It is worth mentioning here that among these countries such as Taiwan, South Korea, Japan etc., which had diplomatic relations with South Africa, were accorded honorary whites and thus had all the facilities that white people had. However, South Africa continued to fall alone in the international fraternity due to its apartheid policy.

The apartheid policy also had a subtle positive effect on the inhabitants of South Africa. Pornography, gambling, abortion and sex education were banned under the social protectionism of the National Party. Liquor shops and cinemas were controlled. Apartheid emphasized the self-reliance and autonomy of various religious and cultural groups in self-governed homelands. People of different classes were imparted education in their mother tongue, due to which it became easy for these classes to get education and spread and propagation of education in these classes. This was a very rare event because at that time the practice of teaching only in the colonized languages ​​of French, English etc. was generally prevalent in South Africa. In fact, the imparting of education through vernacular languages ​​was done to promote division according to apartheid, but it also led to many positive results. Apartheid policy had reached its peak by the 1970s. Although opposition to this policy started initially from both inside and outside South Africa, its active opposition started in the late 70s.

It was only in 1949 that the youth wing of the African National Congress took up the reins of this institution and started opposing apartheid policy. Later South Africa got rid of apartheid policy under the leadership of Nelson Mandela, the famous leader of this institution. In 1950, the African National Congress launched the Black Nationalist Program. Young black leaders believed that white superiority could only be overthrown by mass movements. For this they chose the path of strike-chains, boycotts and civil disobedience movements. In 1959, a group that was disillusioned with the liberal policies of the African National Congress, founded the “Pan-Africanist Congress”, known for its fierce protests. Furious protests were organized on 21 March 1960 under the leadership of this organization. During this time, about 70 people died in the action of police forces during a demonstration called Sharpeville.

After this demonstration, the National Party government became apprehensive and declared a state of emergency throughout South Africa. About 18 thousand people were arrested. Most of these people were leaders and activists of the African National Congress and the Pan-African Congress. The government exerted its full force to suppress this movement. As a result, most of the agitators went underground due to this rapid government response. Some were burnt to death and the remaining leaders were angry with the suppression of the movement and started preparing for the terrorist and violent movement.

In May 1961, while South Africa was to be declared a republic, the African National Congress attempted to build a consensus by gathering various classes, groups and parties, and warned the government that if they were ignored, the Republic’s launch ceremony Will be opposed. But the government remained adamant and ignored the rebels on the occasion of declaring South Africa a republic. As a result, the rebels, including 42-year-old Nelson Mandela, started agitating and staging demonstrations. In response, the government tried to forcefully suppress the movement. This reaction of the government angered the African National Congress and started its efforts to prepare for armed struggle. For this, he set up a Militry wing. Later, on December 16, 1961, on the anniversary of the Battle of the Khuni River, the military wing started an armed struggle against the South African government. Students have an important role in any movement. Students of South Africa also started the struggle against apartheid, inspired by the ‘American Black Power Movement’. In 1970, the ‘Black Consciousness Movement’ was launched. In 1976, 1980, 1983, 1985 and 1986, several boycott movements were continuously organized by the students. These movements have a special place in the eradication of apartheid from South Africa.

Apart from students, workers and women also played an important role against apartheid. In 1973-74, the first reaction against apartheid was made by the workers. Gradually the resistance of the workers increased with the passage of time. By 1976, the workers and workers had come to understand that the policy of apartheid was harmful to their interests. They now wanted to unite against apartheid and contribute significantly to its eradication. Apart from this, there was also a small class among the whites who were against apartheid. The class was led by white leaders such as Helen Suzman, Coleen Egglin and Harry Schwarz. His contribution is mainly known to raise the problems of blacks in Parliament. Apart from this widespread opposition, pressure was also created by many nations at the international level. Economic, political sanctions were imposed on South Africa. South Africa became almost a lonely nation due to the boycott of sports and cultural activities. The United Nations sanctions against South Africa also played an important role in creating an atmosphere against apartheid policy. Constant pressure on national and international level in opposition to apartheid and forced by the immense popularity of Nelson Mandela, leader of African National Congress, the government of National Party led by P. W. Botha finally softened its stand and reforms Oriented towards In fact, this was the point when apartheid in South Africa led to the collapse.

Nelson Mandela, who was incarcerated at that time, was contacted by the Botha government and provided some facilities in the jail. People were allowed to meet them. Even Nelson Mandela could now interview the press and media. In addition, the Homeland was given the status of a national state. Laws regarding entry, identification, etc. made for blacks were repealed. A number of positive steps were being taken by Botha that he had to resign on February 13, 1990, and D. Clarke took over the reins of power. Although D. Clarke was considered to be of narrow instinct in his early political life, he carried forward Botha’s reformist program.

Madhesh’s Future Is Bright Because Young People are talking interest in Public opinion party

Madhesh’s future is bright because young people are taking interest in #public opinion party. The youth of this party have a forward thinking about politics. # Participation of youth in public opinion is very important, because it is the youth who represent the future of the country and its strength. One of the biggest strengths of the youth of this party is their ability to identify and solve problems. This ability can prove to be a very strong force in every social movement of Madhesh.

Whether it be in the field of #Education, or to create # employment, or #In the field of development.
Note: Thousands of young leadership of the referendum party have not been able to keep the photo of Berg, all of you are the heroes of the referendum party and would like to keep the photo of all of you proudly, when available. Wish you all the best. Thank you
Now the government of the #public opinion party !!!https://www.facebook.com/Peen-Koo-Mandal-110386040797430/

Jay Madhesh
Jai Swaraj,

Still hv a alots of Problem’s with Madhesis People’s in Nepal

Personally, I would pray that Mr. Upendra Yadav becomes the Prime Minister of Nepal. Because the breakdown of that illusion is also very important.

Which self-respect did Madheshi get by becoming Vice President, the highest civilian President of Nepal? Saying Damradhan, making a picture of a beggar, not giving a chair to sit in the program, abusing him in the middle of the street, abusing him, what honor could you get?

What did the Madheshis do as the Deputy Prime Minister of Nepal? Only Hajur kept his dry and frosted as well! (If you have done any work other than that by becoming Deputy Prime Minister, then also tell us)

What did the Madheshis do after becoming the Home Minister of Nepal? Whatever APF was put up in Madhesh, in the name of the grand security project, it was put in the time of Madheshi Home Minister.

What did the Madheshis do as Nepal’s defense minister? Abused the army. The army said that they would not give salute to the defense minister.

How many media houses opened in Madhesh by becoming the communications minister of Nepal repeatedly?

Which urea fertilizer was supplied to Madheshi farmer after Nepal’s supply minister became Madheshi again and again throughout his life?

The status of these Madheshi ministers is that they make a splash with the secretary and the gatekeeper even to make the attendance, call their driver as Hajur Hazur, and as they hear the announcement of changing the government on the radio while driving the car, These Madheshi take the ministers off the cart in the middle of the way … and the minister reaches his house crying mournfully …

So let us become the Prime Minister. The itching of the chair will at least disappear. And the confusion of Madheshis will be broken.

Picture: Annapurnous Times

Education Nothing For Nepalies Political Party in Nepal

About Of Reading

Many educated people with PhD or postdoctoral studies in scientific and technical subjects have no job here in Nepal. It is seen that the Prime Minister and the ministers have read and said that they will not do anything.

In the current government, even those who have not received higher education in important positions such as Prime Minister, President, Foreign Minister, Finance Minister and other ministers do not seem to have worked hard and passed higher education. He rightly says, ‘Haven’t we seen a flurry of educated PhDs following in the footsteps of illiterate people?’ They also say.

Therefore, Nepal’s top scientific or technical PhDs are using their intellect by returning abroad without getting a habit here. He said that in order to live in Nepal, he had to take out his Gidi and put it away. There is no opportunity to give any job and responsibility to those doing PhD in science and technology in Nepal, there are no suitable institutions, all the limited ones are gone. The tails of these so-called political leaders should not have reached the degree holders.

Temporary PhDs in non-technical and non-scientific subjects seem to be swarming around the leaders, even as they push their self-esteem under control. Political or constitutional appointments are filled by him. Seeing them all around them, the leaders are in a frenzy and have made him their slave by licking his honey. Who are such PhDs in front of us? Even though we haven’t read it, we have already read all the verses. What is the use of such unnecessary studies to reach the post? No, they think it is work.

You don’t have to study to earn money. But for the country and the people to be strong, respected, sustainable, prosperous and prosperous, there is no alternative to education. Even if an uneducated country or economy is rich, it is the flesh and blood, it has no strength or breath.
#jay madhesh
#jay swaraj

Some friends and the ruling class have repeatedly asked the definite part of #Madesh, where are the questions asked? # How much district is there in Madhesh ?? It was also asked ??? This has been posted for them.Here is the epigraph about the certain part of Madhesh and the definite district.Please Visit carefully.Madhesh from Mechi River in East to Mahakali Sarada River in WestSpread to To the north of them is the Shivalik Churia Mountains. The flat area under Churia mountain is Madhesh.#CkRaut#Madesh

Details of madhesh

Peoples Of Madhesh
Village Of Madhesh

4 Madhesis Released from Malaysian Jail

4 Madhesis released from Malaysian jail with the help of non-resident_Madheshi_Union

………………………………………….. ………………
Nageshwar Raut (Birgunj-1, Parsa) and Khairuddin Mian Ansari (Birganj-19, Parsa), who have been living in Malaysian jails for four months due to various reasons, have been released from jail and sent to Nepal on the initiative of Non-Resident Madhesi Association, Malaysia. Both of them were working in Lee Rubber Company of Malaysia.

# Non-Resident_Madheshi_Sangh, Malaysia received their detailed information through Anita Rauniyar, Nagma Khatun and Sofia Khatun of Janmat Party Parsa. Upon receiving the information, the team members went to the jail to meet the two and the process of release was started.

Meanwhile, information was also received about Mahesh Kumar Yadav of Sunsari and Pravesh Khang of Saptari in the same jail. And so the process for the release of the four was taken forward together.

After 37 days of continuous efforts, all four were released. For this, the Swarajis had coordinated with the local bodies, police, administration, courts, lawyers and the Nepali embassy.

After their release, Nageshwar Raut, Khairuddin Mian Ansari and Mahesh Kumar Yadav arrived in Nepal on November 18, 2020 from Himalayan Airlines and Pravesh Khang arrived in Nepal on November 21, 2020 from the same airline.

About Rs 500,000 (17,500 ringgit) has been spent on this work. All these expenses have been borne by the Non-Resident Madhesi Association, Nepali Embassy and local organizations.

#Non-Residential_Madheshi_Sangh Malaysia’s Swaraj Friends are continuously conducting support programs in Malaysia.

Many thanks to Arun Yadav, Vice President of Non-Resident Madhesi Association Malaysia and Swaraji friends of the team for their direct support for the release of these four from jail.

Jai Madhes, Jai Swaraj, Jai Janmat.
# Madhesh
# Learned_raut

Pinku Mandal

(Note: In the photo are Arun Yadav and Amod Yadav, who went to meet at the airport.)

Madhesh has become a member Nation of UNPO

Madhesh’s historic unprecedented achievement: Madhesh has become a member nation of UNPO. With this, the Madhesh Swaraj movement has now become an international movement.

The UNPO is an international organization of independent nations. It has 4 member nations like Taiwan, Tibet, Balochistan, Somaliland, Iranian Kurdistan. Its member nations Armenia, Estonia, Georgia, Tatbhaya, Palau, Timor-Liste have now become fully independent countries and become members of the UN.

Many thanks to the entire Madheshi public for this achievement.

Who says your closet doesn’t matter outside the vote? First show 50% opinion, and see miracles! What do you do, don’t give even a bad opinion, and say how Madheesh will be free? Which one is Swaraji demanding for himself to become MP Minister? They are not asking for any relief for Madhesh.



Janmat Party Needs a Majority Of All Madheshis

Before the false accusations were leveled against the Janmat Party, why did the Janmat Party come into being?
Please study first_
And think positive

The Janmat Party needs a majority of all Madhesis,
Public vote needed__
Therefore, the Janmat Party is moving forward step by step with the respect of the rights of every Madhesi, every religion, caste and gender.
Don’t be unfair to anyone

Every village society should have proper development in the city and good system for the people and make Madhesh prosperous.
Ensure the rights and summons of every Madhesi.
Provide employment to educated Madhesis.
Let the anti-Madhesh constitution be changed.

Dr CK Raut

# Referendum_party_ clarification
Thank you

Government Of Nepal Empty Movement in Madhesh.

“As of September of this fiscal year, a total of Rs. 85.40 billion has been received from various bilateral and multilateral countries.”

Answer: zero

Reason: The elected representatives from Madhes are the slaves of the Malik Party. They pretend to be an empty movement in Madhesh, collect votes and fall at the feet of the owner of Kathmandu.

Question: How much has been invested in Madhesh from this foreign aid?

Now there is only one party for development and prosperity in Madhesh, Janmat Party.

Jai Madhes, Jai Swaraj, Jai Janmat.

Corrupated Government in Nepal

The people’s representative is the representative accountable to the people. After winning the people’s vote, the responsibility of the people is to be taken.

But listen to the speeches of the present people’s representatives, look at their attitudes, eat the entire budget under their control and blame the next level of government.
The constitution is right when eating and the constitution is wrong when speaking.
To incite the people in the name of constitution and build a palace in Kathmandu by spending budget.

On the other hand, look at today’s little kings and mayors. No matter who is the winning mayor from any party, no one has stopped him from developing, working in the interest of the people. But these heroic corruptors have been able to digest for generations. But the blame lies with the constitution, the state government and the federal government. Similarly, the state government and the federal government have also made malpani but blame the local government.

Now it’s time to get out of the roundabout. Now the Janmat Party has to take the responsibility of the entire people and establish a people’s king.

We will eradicate corruption, we will bring Swaraj.
Gundaraj will be removed, Jantaraj will be brought.

This time the government of Janmat Party.
Jai Madhesh, Jai Swaraj, Jai Janmat.

Madhesh V/s World Freedom Country

“… Being free and becoming a country is not an [old,] rare and impossible task — it is only to discourage those ruled by the ruling class. Even after 190, more than 30 new countries have been formed. Even after 2000, East Timor, Montenegro, Serbia, Kosobho and South Sudan remain, and in the near future dozens of new countries of Scotland, Catalonia, Quebec and Somaliland Lagayat are on the verge. So how is that impossible? ” – Madhesh Swaraj, p. 14

See the list of Madhesh country as well as other new countries emerging in the world (Search “Terai” or “Nepal”)
For information: After 3 months (on September 14, 2014), Scotland is going to a referendum to separate from Wilayat.

About of Madhesh in Nepal

Some friends have repeatedly said, “Where is the history of Madhesh ??” Where was madesh country ?? Were asking questions. This has been posted for them.
History of Madhes is mentioned here
Please See carefully.
(1) Sufficient and definite enough words
(2) geographical boundary
(3) a special history
(4) Identification
(5) Lifestyle
(6) Culture
(7) Language
(8) dress
(9) Bidding behavior
(10) Food and Beverages
(11) Anaco religion, caste and caste and habitant
(12) Tharu – a land son

Copied From Dr.Ck Raut

Madhesh Area Of Maps
History Of Madhesh
1771 Prithivi Narayan Shah Write Letter to Abhiman Singh Basnet

Nepalese Government Won’t Do Anything For The People’s

The government is spending Rs 10 billion on five building projects that cannot treat the people affected by the Corona epidemic. What is the use of these houses without the people?

Even if the government is accountable to the people, they work where the commission comes from easily. After all, out of the Rs 10 billion project, Rs 5 billion is corrupted in collusion with the contractor.

If you look at the personal development of people who have been the Minister of Urban Development in the past, everything seems clear. Some of them are MPs who won from Madhes, who had a thatched house in Madhes, now a palace has been built up to Kathmandu.

A referendum party is needed to root out such activities.

Jai Madhesh

Jai Swaraj

Jai Janmat

Kathmandu Near Making 5VIP Building

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